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Pain Management

Our physical therapists can assist in reducing pain and improving function, as well as provide education on physical exercise and pain management. Treatment by Specialized Physiotherapist at SwastyaPhysio 

Orthopedic Physiotherapy

Our specialists are trained in the treatment of post-operative orthopaedic procedures,  sports injuries, osteoarthritis, sprains, strains, back & neck pain, spinal conditions, amputations and other musculoskeletal disorders. 

Stroke and Paralysis

We  provide individualized one on one treatment with primary focus on restoring function and improving overall quality of life for the Patients with neurological impediments resulting from stroke, traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries.

Back & Neck Pain

An innovative practice that provides complete patient-focused pain management and non-surgical Spine care, including Physiotherapy and Occupational therapy. Here, we focus on relieving your pain… and on you as a person. 

Sports Rehabilitation

We provide comprehensive physical therapy services to active individuals of all ages from the professional, collegiate and  school athlete to the weekend warrior or senior athlete. Individuals of all ages can benefit from our sports medicine and performance enhancement programs. 

Pediatric Rehabilitation

Pediatric Child Rehab unit help children  in a Comfort & Compassionate environment for the Best Care of the Child. The specialists helps children gain independence and promotes development of fine motor skills, sensory motor skills, and visual motor skills. 

Head Ache Management

Physiotherapy treatment techniques such as manipulation, massage, postural correction and rehabilitation exercises can help manage some common types of headaches. Physiotherapists can also provide useful advice on how to prevent headaches by modifying everyday habits 

Neurological Physiotherapy

Our specialist neuro physiotherapists can help patients regain the functions they lost because of theb conditions such asd ALS, brain injury, cerebralpalsy,multiple sclerosis, parkinson’s disease, spinal cord injury, stroke and peripheral neuropathy.

Swastya Physiotheraphy

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Your team comprises of Physiotherapists, Massage therapist, Medical herbalist and Hypnotherapy. A highly qualified and experienced team with your needs at heart.


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Meet Our Physiotherapy Specialists

Physiotherapy Clinic in Banaswadi

Dr. Ganapathy
M D (Physiotherapist)

Masters of Physiotheraphy, BPTh/BPT

17 Years Experience Overall

Dr. Ganapathy M D has 17 years of International experience in the field of Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation. Associated with Italian Hospital Villa Beretta, FIFA Algeria and UAE General Authority of Sports. Managed and served as head for the Most advanced and Largest Physiotherapy & rehabilitation Hospital in India and UAE. Specialised and trained in chiropractic treatment, Spinal Mobilisation and Manipulation, Neural Mabilisation, Dry Needling, Sports Taping, Aquatic Therapy and Mulligans Mobilisation.

Dr. Amrita Susan Zachariah

Dr. Amrita Susan Zachariah

MPTh/MPT – Sports Physiotherapy, BPTh/BPT

Sports and Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist
Dr Amrita Zachariah has four years of work experience working among athletes at both national and international level. Previously associated with Abhinav Bindra Targeting Performance, Bangalore. Certified in kinesiotaping, manual cupping therapy, dry needling therapy, instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization and basic pilates.

Dr. Nayan Deshpande

Dr. Nayan Deshpande
MPT/MPTh - Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy Spine Specialist